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Tucson still a contender for F-35!

The Air Force announced July 29 its preferred locations for basing the F-35, and though Tucson was not named in this first round, the basing process is far from over. The city's chances for hosting the new fighter are as strong as ever. When the Air Force begins the second round of F-35 basing in a couple of years, your support will be a factor. From this Web site you can help bring the F-35 Lightning II, the Air Force's next generation fighter, to the Arizona Air National Guard base at Tucson International Airport.

The selection of Luke Air Force Base indicates that the Air Force recognizes Arizona's unequaled weather, airspace and ranges; the same qualities we possess here. Keep in mind that this is only the Air Force's recommendation for where to base the first 250 to 300 F-35s. With a total of 1,763 F-35s slated for purchase in the coming years there will be many to go around, and Tucson is, and always will be, a top contender. Let's secure a positive economic impact for our future!

In these difficult economic times Tucsonans have the opportunity to secure the future of one of our city's largest income generators, by showing our support for Tucson as a future home for the aircraft. The Air Force will measure several factors before making its final decision in 2011; one of those factors will be community support. We invite you to join Tucson's government, business and community leaders in the F-35 support campaign, Tucson Lightning. learn more...

Air Force recommends F-3s for Luke, Tucson still a contender